Future of Trade 2021 Special Edition

Global Trade Trends Post-COVID-19

Discover the Potential Impact of DeFi on Global Trade and the Finance Sector

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), the world’s largest Free Zone and the Dubai government authority on commodities trade and enterprise have collaborated with CV Labs to author and officially launch its Future of Trade 2021 report (Crypto Edition).

Combining shared expertise from blockchain, cryptocurrency and decentralised finance experts, the special crypto edition report is an in-depth examination of the risks, opportunities and questions that have risen in light of DeFi’s exponential growth in popularity and usage.

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About The Future of Trade Report

The Future of Trade Report is a biennial publication that explores the changing nature of global trade and identifies trends in trade growth and factors that impact it including policy updates, moving supply chains, trade finance, infrastructure, and sustainability.

The report is a synthesis of quantitative research, global viewpoints on what the future holds based on research, data, and interviews with business leaders and trade experts across eight key trade hubs.

What You Will Learn in the 2021 Global Trade Report?

The Future of Trade 2020 report, released in October, painted a pessimistic outlook for international trade. However, as we approach the halfway mark of 2021, the outlook - while still uncertain - is much more positive.

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The key innovations driving change, from artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles to blockchain and the internet of things.

Current challenges in accessing trade finance. Our report assesses the degree to which innovative pathways have been addressed to close the trade finance gap.

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Key aspects of trade politics as they pertain to US-China relations, the new Biden administration and the new WTO leadership.

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The pivot towards sustainable practices in international trade and recent developments in-country commitments to achieve net-zero status in carbon emissions.

Frequently Asked Questions: Impact of COVID-19 on Trade

Our report obtains accurate forecasts and predictions from some of the world’s most renowned academics and trade experts.

How has COVID-19 impacted sustainability in trade?

How Can Governments Enable Trade to Support Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery?

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