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Championing Cryptographic and Blockchain Technologies in Dubai

Located in the state-of-the-art Almas Tower, the DMCC Crypto Centre is a thriving cryptocurrency ecosystem and your gateway to global trade in blockchain technologies.

As a hub for the development and application of crypto and blockchain technologies, the DMCC Crypto Centre offers a home to all types and sizes of crypto businesses, from companies developing blockchain-enabled trading platforms to firms offering, issuing, listing, and trading crypto assets.

World-Class Services and Infrastructure for Crypto Investors, Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Located in DMCC, the World’s #1 Business Hub

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100% Foreign Ownership

A Network of over 20,000 Companies

One, Two and Three-year Residential Visas Available

Supporting the UAE Cryptocurrency Vision

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The Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021 aims to capitalise on blockchain technology to transform 50% of government transactions into the blockchain platform.

The UAE has embraced blockchain technology as a powerful force for business. The recently unveiled Blockchain Strategy 2021 cements the UAE's status as one of the world's most advanced economies and underlines its preparedness to adapt to and grow alongside future technologies.

With strong backing from the government and significant interest from its flourishing business sectors, Dubai is poised to emerge as a global hotspot and leader for innovative blockchain applications. From payment transactions and supply chain management to proof of provenance and tokenised commodities, blockchain can help transform and optimise business processes across countless industries.

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Centrally located in the Gulf region, Dubai gives you access to 65% of the world’s GDP in 8 hours or less with state-of-the-art air and infrastructure systems.


Explore Decentralised Finance’s (DeFi) Potential Impact of The Future of Trade

The Future of Trade report (Crypto Edition) comprehensively explores how cryptocurrency and DeFi will transform how we trade, transact, and interact online based on research, data, and input from key industry leaders.

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Shared offices, private offices, meeting facilities



Courses, certificates, quality content



Meetups, summits, competitions


Community Building

Networking, SM marketing, blogs/vlogs



Consulting, incorporation, business modelling



Funding, mentoring, alumni network



Corporate innovation, corporate venture,



Located in the iconic Almas Tower, in the heart of Dubai



In the heart of the JLT community. Cafes, restaurants and retail on your doorstep

Crypto Licences in Dubai - FAQ

What Is the Cost for a Crypto Licence?

A crypto licence costs approximately USD 35,000, varying depending on the business. This covers, but is not limited, to company formation costs and expenses for the application of the crypto licence.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Crypto Licence?

Getting a trading licence in UAE for crypto should take approximately 4 weeks.

What Are the Requirements for a Crypto Licence?

In order to obtain a UAE crypto licence, you must ensure you meet the following eligibility requirements.

  • A commercial licence form (requiring the following documents)
    • ID
    • Supporting documentation for registered address of residency 
    • Supporting documentation verifying company’s name
    • Comprehensive business plan
  • Passport copies of all partners in the business
  • A clean crypto wallet with no fraudulent behaviour or activities 
  • A business runway of at least 6 to 12 months of operation
  • Incorporation of crypto assets with the “UAE Free Zone” departments that are approved by the government
  • A detailed business plan

Where to Get a Crypto Licence in Dubai?

You can acquire a crypto licence from DMCC. Our state-of-the-art crypto centre has become one the primary providers of crypto licences for businessmen and entrepreneurs. The DMCC crypto licence offers you the ability to conduct crypto-business related activities such as crypto software development, crypto management, crypto trade and crypto consulting among other forms of crypto services.

It is becoming increasingly clear that crypto and blockchain technologies have an enormous potential to advance global trade. Dubai has recognised this potential, and the DMCC Crypto Centre will fully support our mandate to attract and promote trade through the emirate. With the DMCC Crypto Centre providing a progressive and supportive regulatory environment, a strong pool of industry talent, and an ecosystem that provides access to capital, resources and opportunities to crypto firms, we are perfectly placed to support crypto businesses from across the world.

Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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