DMCCs cost calculator helps business leaders evaluate the level of funding needed to get a business up and running, because choosing a business community is a long term investment.

Astute decision makers seek value, and recognise that focusing on cost alone could be a costly mistake in the long run.

At DMCC, we are not looking for just any business to setup in our free zone. We are looking for businesses that believe in the value that we add, to help them grow the value of their business.

We believe our members focused on value when they chose DMCC.
DMCC members:
1 - understand the importance of locating in a vibrant business district that clients want to visit.
recognise the credibility in choosing a regulator that upholds high standards.
2 - see the merit in a community that attracts the best talent.
3 - believe in the value of sophisticated community infrastructure.
4 - appreciate the connections and networking opportunity of 80+ business events every year.
5 - agree that innovative digital services save time and money.

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Type of Registration
Number of Visa required
Number of Dependent Visa required
Type of Office*
Disclaimer: Calculations are provided as a rough estimate and for indicative purposes only. DMCC may, at its own discretion, amend the fees associated with certain cost elements, although such changes may not necessarily be reflected in a calculation. Furthermore, some cost elements are subject to additional charges, including, but not limited to, a AED 20 Knowledge and Innovation Dirham fee.

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