Interrogating a meal in this manner might seem odd, but manufacturers, transporters and consumers at every level of the global food supply chain are finding that these and many more intimate questions must be answered of the foodstuffs, ingredients and agri-commodities they deal in if they are to compete effectively. But as the global population continues to increase, and emerging markets continue to improve economically, thereby empowering and improving the lives of hundreds of millions of new consumers every year, the world needs ever-greater supplies of food. And not just any food.

"Consumers are increasingly demanding responsible business. Our experience is that ‘sustainable living brands’ are delivering stronger and faster growth"

Paul Polman


Food trade is a vital economic activity in the GCC, where 90% of food requirements are imported. The UAE, supported by world class logistics infrastructure acts as a key supplier for the region and other global markets. The DMCC Food Trade Group, a dynamic industry network where you can find new business opportunities as well as the practical guidance and tools needed for growth. Learn more

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