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    DMCC Blood Donation
    Drive 2024


    You're invited to join us at Almas Tower for our upcoming Blood Donation Drive, hosted in partnership with the Dubai Health.

    Your participation can make a life-saving difference. Every minute, someone in need - a trauma victim, a surgery patient, or someone with a blood disorder - relies on donated blood.

    Your single donation can save up to three lives, providing red blood cells, plasma, and platelets. 

    A simple and safe process, healthy individuals can donate multiple times a year, not only benefitting patients but also experiencing great health advantages for donors.

    Here's why you should donate:

    • Detect potential health issues early
    • Reduce excess iron levels, promoting better cardiovascular health
    • Stimulate blood cell production, keeping you feeling energised
    • Lower the risk of heart disease and certain cancer
    So, volunteer today and save lives. Our dedicated team will guide you through the donation process, ensuring your comfort and safety every step of the way.

    Important notes:

    • All volunteers are required to register prior to the donation and select an available slot.
    • Read the eligibility criteria before registration
    • Download the app through Apple or Android
    • Fill the mandatory questionnaire on the Dubai Health app (Dubai Health APP → Blood donation → make a blood donation)
    • Show the QR code from the app to the personnel to proceed with the donation
    • For further information, read Dubai Health's blood donation guidelines.



    Almas Conference Centre 


    9:00AM – 2:00PM, 28 May 2024


    Important Information


    • Blood donation is a humanitarian act that helps to save the lives of needy patients
    • Regular blood donation would decrease the possibility of having heart diseases and strokes
    • Blood donation activates the bone marrow to produce new blood cells
    • It helps the body get rid of the excess iron level


    • It is mandatory for blood donors to show a valid Emirates ID. A person on a visit visa & transit visa to the UAE are not eligible to give blood. Kindly provide the mobile number in which we can contact the donor directly if needed
    • Blood donor should be in good general health condition at the time of blood donation
    • Blood donors should be between the ages of 18 - 65
    • Blood donors should have a body weight of at least 50 Kg and above (donors who are less than 21 years old must be 55 kg and above)
    • All blood donors should have enough sleep on the previous day of donation
    • All blood donors should have healthy food at least within 4 hours or less before they donate. Avoid fatty foods like egg, mutton, butter, cheese etc. for at least 12 hrs before donation
    • Blood donors cannot donate for 28 days if they experience flu like symptoms.
    • It is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women to donate blood for the sake of her and her baby's health
    • Travel history:
      • cannot donate for 14 days if a person returned from outside of UAE
      • can donate after more than one month of visiting a malaria-endemic country
    • Those with the following conditions are not eligible to donate blood:
      • have a history of malaria
      • have a history of jaundice after their 11th birthday
      • have major health problems
      • have diseases that can be transmitted through blood transfusion
    • Those with the following conditions are not eligible to donate blood for 6 months:
      • have received blood or blood products
      • have undergone any major surgery
    • Please read the educational materials before you donate


    • Cannot donate blood for 14 days if you:
      • have experienced symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing
      • have had a positive COVID-19 diagnostic test (nasal swab test)


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